In a reading, I follow the energy wherever it leads us to choose the combination of services that works best for you.

Please text/email for an appointment. Indicate your preferred two time slots, and you will receive a confirmed time within hours or one business day. 

Be sure to provide your name, birthday and question!

Pre-pay at:
Paypal: [email protected]
Venmo: Audrey-Lee-56

Service #1
Phone consultation by appointment
½ hour @ $45
1 hour @ $80

Service #2
Quick & easy budget email reading
Response within one business day!
$20 per inquiry

Service #3
Personal Tarot message and inspiration email (NOT computer generalized report
plus Monthly Astrology Lunar Event Planner
$10/monthly subscription

Service #4
Personal class/tutoring on Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Destiny Cards or various other topics
One on one, or an intimate size (maximum 5 persons) conference class on Zoom
$30/half hour increment

Service #5
Energy and Chakra interpretation and balancing
Learn additional self protection.
$45/half hour
$80/full hour

In times of dire financial hardship, a respectful love donation within your budget is welcome.


Astrology is a manual that comes with our birth! Reading it helps us understand how to utilize our tools, like our skills & talents, choice of careers & financial success, analyze personality merits & difficulties, comprehend mysteries of childhood, abuse, soured relationship, accident, and so much more!

Astrology is the study of time events. From astrology we can forecast upcoming shifts, personal new era, best start of new business, birth of baby, marriage or anything else.

Very importantly, Astrology can give us spiritual perspective of where we are coming and going, what is truely our purpose, how we achieve happiness abundance and all that matters in our soul.

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Numerology makes up the simplest fundamental understanding of our world!

From a person’s birthday, we can identify personality, natural elements, upbringing, career, later years, life needs and purpose. For some, personality supports life path in parallel or synchronicity. For some others, personality goes against the grains of life goal.

For example, if a person’s birthday has  numbers like 3, 5, or 9, he may be used to having freedom, thinking spontaneously, and resisting restraint. However, if the total sum life path comes to 4 or 8, he will need to learn restraint, focus on stability, organization, and hard work. This life goal is much different from his original personality, creating obstacles to overcome.

In love or relationships, numerology demonstrates compatibility. Matching two people’s numbers can show how one may be fast while the other is slow, incompatible rhythm. Or one may be passive, and the other dominant, a yin and a yang combination. One may have many high numbers, and the other lower, it's a show of gap of maturity level.

So few numbers can show such kaleidoscope! I will decipher for you!

Numerology courses are also offered. Please inquire!

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Tarot and Card Divination

Tarot is a divination method using cards to channel higher messages. Along with Tarot, divination tools include standard playing cards, Oracle, Angel, and Messenger cards. Card divination allows unlimited dialogue with oneself, a spiritual mentor, or the parties having conflict.

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Destiny Cards

The Destiny Card system is a road map of our physical existence, circumstances, likely ups & downs, turning points, and the inner world of heart & soul, emotional interactions, karma & past life insights. This is my ultimate go-to for demystifying relationships.

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Spirit Communication

Where does a mother's intuition come from? How do twins act in sync? If you believe we exist before we come from our mothers' wombs, then you believe in other realms. The esoteric spiritual essence within our physical form can increase or decrease, reach up like a scout climbing a tree to see afar, even astral travel in dreams. We act as the antenna between people, a medium for magnifying spiritual communication for others. If you are having disputes with someone or are in haze with your family or yourself, we can help with mediation and better communication!

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