Audrey Lee

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Knowledge is power! Can you think of any past problems that could have been solved if you had known more: what was good for yourself, what the other party wanted, how the economy was trending, what would have happened if you had arrived earlier or made a different choice...

When you enter into my world, I can help you gain insight into your life, including all emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual aspects!

Do you have a family crisis? A lovers’ impasse? A job hanging in the balance? Are you choking in an economical noose? Any big or small concern!

It takes the utmost sensitivity and the experience of a seasoned counselor to understand what you are going through, explain how difficulties arise, help remove the blindfold, and give guidance to you toward better choices and a brighter future!

I offer spiritual counseling, psychic readings, and many varieties of classes. Answers are what you find here!

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